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TfL: All out on July 10

3 July 2014

A further day of strike action has been called for all members (Bands 1-3) of TSSA, Unite and RMT: 25 hour strike commencing at 06:00 on Thursday 10 July 2014, finishing at 07:00 on Friday 11 July 2014.

We are co-ordinating with a national day of action across the Public Sector co-ordinated by the Trades Unions Congress. We all work for the benefit of the public, delivering vital services for the people of Britain.

On 10 July, we can join together with other colleagues under attack from these politically driven cuts. You don’t get quality services without quality staff!

Support for our action continues to build. This week PCS announces the result of its industrial action ballot, and Unison is also balloting its members in TfL.

We also continue to take action short of strike. This includes non-participation in P&Ds, not working over your hours and not volunteering as a Travel Ambassador.

Our action is lawful industrial action approved by union members through statutory ballots.

The solution to this dispute is simple. TfL management need to come to the table and engage in meaningful consultation and negotiation; they need to work WITH staff not AGAINST them.

Together we are sending that message loud & clear.

Together we can make them listen.

Our Action is Biting

Some managers are claiming that our industrial action is not having an impact – but they would say that, wouldn’t they?

This is a well-worn tactic used by many employers to try and discourage union members from supporting industrial action. If the strikes and action short were not having an effect, why would they care whether you choose to take part?

Don’t let management mislead or intimidate you. The facts are:

· More people took part in the second strike than the first.

· We had more picket lines, and more people on them.

· This time will be even bigger and better!

Please encourage your colleagues to join a union if they are not already a member, and to join our strike on 10 July.

Where’s Tricia Riley?

HR Director of the Year, Tricia Riley, has not been seen at talks with the Unions for over a year.

Tricia won her award for developing TfL’s “people strategy”.

Is this the same brilliant strategy that cuts people’s pay & pensions and has led to 3 strikes?

Tricia says she has a good relationship with the Unions – “It is about finding common ground and gaining mutual respect”. We agree, so come on Tricia, back up your words with some positive actions: Get round the table and help sort out a deal.

Agency workers – why you should support our action

TfL now hires most new staff in Customer Experience via worthless agency contracts. Agency staff have no rights and can be subject to bullying, mistreatment and instant sacking.

Most agency workers in Customer Experience have their pay linked to the very lowest Band 1 rate. TfL now want to cut this rate by £3500 a year. Both permanent and agency staff will suffer. Can anyone afford this?

What can agency staff do to help?

Some agency workers have already joined a trade union, but sadly, because they are contracted via the agency, cannot legally be called out on strike with us. However, agency staff can show support:

• TfL cannot force you to do overtime (they tried this before - we made them stop).

• They cannot make you do someone else's job if it isn't in your job description.

• And you can make it perfectly clear that you DO NOT appreciate TfL trying to use you against other workers fighting to defend pay and pensions.

• Union members have the highest respect for anyone who does choose not to cross a picket line!

Full TfL contracts for all agency workers!
Equal treatment for sickness and attendance!
No to outsourcing!

Download full TfLUnionsTogether Newsletter as a pdf:  TfL Unions Together Newsletter July14

Please print and display on Union notice boards

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