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TfL are selling toy night owls but haven't set a start date to run the overnight service

18 April 2016

Responding to news that Boris Johnson's Tory-run Transport for London is selling cuddly owls called Tooting to mark the advent of the night tube that, as yet, still has no start date, TSSA leader Manuel Cortes said:

"Twit-A-Woo morphs into Twit-a-choo as the Tories show they really are more interested in making profits from gimmicky cuddly toys rather the real business of transporting London's passengers about the city on tube carriages 24/7.

"Tube workers, passengers and businesses are the ones still in the dark as we still haven't even got a start date for Night Tube

"They used to say the sun never set on the British Empire because God wouldn't trust the British in the dark. Maybe Night Tube has never got off the ground because God doesn't trust Boris Johnson's or the Tories to run London's transport in the dark.

"Time is now up on the Tories. Londoners deserve real wiser heads running the city. Vote Sadiq Khan in the mayoral elections get the London bus drivers son delivering London transport not the trust fund Tories and their stuffed decoy stunts." 

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