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TfL Austerity Cuts - Model Motion for CLPs

18 March 2019

Please submit this model motion for discussion at your CLP, and write to the Mayor to tell him when it's been passed

Transport for London’s Austerity Cuts

 This CLP notes:

  • London Mayor Sadiq Khan has said there is no date that Crossrail chief executive Mark Wild can give "with confidence" for when Crossrail will open. (City AM 25th Feb)
  • That Crossrail delays will strip TfL of £600m in revenue over 3 years, with possible further delays and losses running to millions more
  • The gaping hole in TfL’s finances created by the Government’s decision to withdraw the Operating Grant  of £700 million annually
  • The announcement of 30% more cuts to TfL’s business plan by 2022, including staffing
  • Job losses, already in their thousands, overwhelmingly affecting lower grades, with no equivalent reduction in Directors.
  • Tens of millions of pounds spent each year on private sector consultants, many costing £1,500 per day.

This CLP calls upon the Mayor to:

1. Campaign publicly with our party and movement for the full restoration of the Grant
2. Instruct TfL’s leadership to honour its existing policies, and to implement a step change in industrial relations
3. Lead a review of TfL’s Pay for Performance scheme
4. Reinstitute a common pay and conditions structure and network-wide collective bargaining for London’s busworkers
5. Commission an independent review of the use of consultants at TfL
6. Launch an immediate public review into the Crossrail fiasco
7. Engage immediately with trade unions on the proposals to cut a further 30% of expenditure on “middle and back office roles”.
8. Halt proposed reductions of bus services and routes; scoping instead for increased and extended public transport services including buses.

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