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TfL: Calling All Band 1 Staff

13 August 2014

Latest news on 'pay for performance'.

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Have your say on Pay for Performance

Your recognised trade unions are continuing to negotiate with TfL to seek a fair resolution to the ongoing dispute over Pay for Performance and the Performance & Development Review process. We are committed to fighting for the best interests of TfL staff.
TfL’s has tabled three proposals for payband 1s which are outlined below. To fully outline to impact of these proposals on your pay

Below are listed TfL’s proposals for Band 1 staff:

Option 1 The proposal originally presented.


The payband 1 ‘Below Threshold’ incremental pay structure is removed.

All payband 1 employees would be treated in the same way under a new single pay range.

A negotiated annual pay award would be applied as a ‘flat rate’ to all those with a performance rating of 2 or higher.

Those within the pay range would receive the award consolidated into base pay. Those above the pay range maximum would receive the award as a single, non-consolidated lump sum payment.

Option 2 Apply Option 1 above to payband 1 ‘Above Threshold’ employees only.


Maintain existing arrangements for payband 1 ‘Below Threshold’ (i.e. the incremental pay structure unchanged).

Option 3 Apply the same proposals as set out for paybands 2 and 3 (including the base pay matrix approach and non-consolidated performance awards) to all existing payband 1 employees.


Payband 1 ‘Below Threshold’ incremental pay structure is removed. All payband 1 employees are treated the same.


No to payday blues

Your recognised trade unions believe it is essential that we maintain the ability to negotiate pay on behalf of staff at TfL. We know that you cannot afford a pay freeze and pensions cut.

By standing together can we achieve the best deal for pay and pensions for all staff in TfL.

Come along to the joint union workplace meetings to find out the latest about your pay and pensions from the recognised trade union Company Council reps and tell us what you think…

12:00-14:00, Thursday, 14 August
Holden Room, 5th Floor North Wing, 55 Broadway

12:00-14:00, Friday, 15 August
Victoria Room, 4GC1, 4th Floor

12:00-14:00 & 16.00-18.00, Monday, 18 August
Room 04BRM1, 4th Floor, Blue Zone

12:00-14:00, Tuesday, 19 August
Auditorium 2

TfL has agreed time off for all BAND 1 STAFF to attend

If you would like more information or have any questions please contact Mel Taylor, TSSA Organiser, 0773 819 5127 or, or contact your local TSSA rep.

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