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TfL dispute update

20 May 2014

TfL refuse to withdraw their pension-busting ‘pay for performance’ proposals despite unprecedented strike action by members of three unions.

  • Your reps are ready and willing to meet the employer for meaningful talks to resolve this dispute
  • TSSA, RMT and Unite action short of strike is starting to bite

On Friday, 16 May reps from all of the recognised trade unions met with TfL management for the first time since late March to discuss ‘pay for performance’.

Your reps made it clear, speaking on behalf of members who voted overwhelming for action and against TfL’s proposals, that TfL should withdraw their proposals to freeze pay and cut pensions, and enter into meaningful consultation and negotiation with the unions. The law states that to be meaningful, consultation “shall be undertaken by the employer with a view to reaching agreement with the appropriate representatives”.

Despite management’s arrogance and intransigence, your union reps indicated that we will continue to meet with management to discuss the issues and to seek to resolve this dispute. Our strike action has brought them back to the table; now it’s up to us to keep the pressure on and make them listen and respect our views.

Action short of strike is already starting to have an impact. For too long TfL have taken staff for granted, expecting us to work unpaid overtime as a matter of course to get the job done, and then mocking us with a dishonest and secretive P&D system.

It is vital that we keep the pressure on TfL with our action short of strike. Until further notice, all TSSA, RMT and Unite members (Bands 1- 3) are asked:

  • Not to buddy or mentor agency staff within Customer Experience roles
  • Not to work beyond your contractual hours. This includes all non-contractual overtime, refusing out of hours phone calls, taking full meal breaks at the correct time and VDU breaks from the computer.
  • Not to volunteer for Travel Ambassador duties or any other duties outside your Job Description
  • Not to participate in the Performance and Development Review process

TfL Staff Strike Back!

Well done to members of TSSA, RMT and Unite who took part in the first day of joint action on Friday 9 May. Together we represent around 50% of permanent TfL staff.

Three travel information centres were closed (reported by BBC News) by the strike and there was disruption across TfL as people voted against Pay for Performance with their feet.

There were large and lively picket lines at Windsor House, Palestra, Albany House, Pier Walk and LPO. More staff are joining the fighting unions daily.

Check out the video footage of the strike and picket lines:


Get ready for action

Come along to one of the joint union meetings to help to plan the next stage of our campaign and future actions.

WEDNESDAY, 21 MAY: 1-2pm and 5-6pm

CWU Union Office, Colombo House, Joan Street entrance, SE1

The meeting venue is behind Southwark Underground Station.

For directions and map go to:

For more information contact your local union rep, or contact Mel Taylor, TSSA Organiser: or tel. 0773 819 5127


London Assembly Labour Transport Spokeswoman Speaks Out on TfL

A lead campaigner for transport in London, Val Shawcross, responds to TfL’s Pay for Performance proposals, demonstrating her support for TfL staff:

“This plan will lead to substantial cuts to staff members pay and the pension they receive, as the cost of living in London continues to rise well above inflation this is wrong. Members of staff signed contracts with TfL which are being ripped up and they are being forced to accept lower pay now and a much reduced pension when they retire – how is that fair?

“Rather than negotiating in good faith and trying to find common ground, TfL’s senior management have refused to budge an inch. At the same time the senior managers continue to take home massive six-figure salaries and won’t be subject to the same cuts. This is disgraceful. Combined with the plans to force through cuts on the London Underground it looks like TfL is facing a crisis. Londoners’ desperately need their Mayor – who chairs TfL – to show some leadership and get a grip on this vital organisation.”

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