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TfL Further Strike action: General Secretary's letter

9 June 2014

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, writes to members in TfL about further strike action to defend pay and pensions.

Dear Colleague,

TfL’s plans to freeze your pay and slash your final salary pension are unnecessary, unreasonable and counter-productive.

You are not overpaid in comparison to the market. Indeed, many jobs are being advertised externally at far higher rates of pay than when circulated internally. Why? Because the “market” pays more, not less than TfL.

The Company’s position is that the staff Oyster passes and final salary pension make up a “competitive total reward package” to use TfL management speak. But if they succeed in stopping pay rises being pensionable, surely this undermines the very foundations of their argument?

The reality is that “personal” salaries will predominate, creating less fairness, transparency and consistency in the pay structure. Managers’ discretion will be final, without a genuine appeal mechanism or adequate checks and balances.

Meanwhile, TfL’s new P&D process has been introduced as an auxiliary means to suppress pay and performance ratings based on “behaviours” they cannot properly define or measure.

This does not represent modernisation of TfL, it is just the introduction of outmoded and discredited tools that are old hat in the private sector.

TSSA – working to resolve the dispute

Your Reps have not stopped trying to persuade TfL to talk sensibly about our members’ very real concerns. However, Sir Peter Hendy has instructed his management team not to negotiate with your Unions and to drive through the cuts against any and all opposition.

TfL believe you are weak and powerless to resist. But they did not expect a strong united response to their cuts; they did not think that the Unions would combine; they did not think you would vote for or take strike action. They are as wrong about our power as they are wrong about Pay for Performance.

More and more TfL staff have been joining TSSA over recent weeks to join the fight against the cuts. We are growing in strength every day.

Further strike action has been called for Friday 13th June. We are building the pressure on TfL to commence meaningful talks to resolve the dispute.

It is essential that we make this strike even better than the first. You can show your support by joining a picket line. These have already been confirmed at Palestra, Windsor House, Pier Walk, TICs, LPO, LTM and Buckingham Palace Road with more being planned.

We did not start this fight, but we must finish it: together we bargain, divided we beg.

In solidarity

Manuel Cortes

General Secretary

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