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TfL Newsletter - December 2013

12 December 2013

The latest TfL news from TSSA.

TfL plans to attack staff pay and pensions

You could lose thousands of pounds in pay and pension benefits if TfL get their way.While Sir Peter Hendy takes home in excess of £650K (last year's figures), reportedly hands out free Oyster cards and guarantees on West London flats to various female “companions”, he is prepared to cut back on basic pay for ordinary TfL staff. Not for the first time, Sir Peter’s judgement is suspect.

TfL’s proposal impacts on you in several ways:

· The majority of people will suffer an immediate (and indefinite) pay freeze.

· Any possible pay rises for Bands 2 and 3 will be entirely dependent on individual performance.

· Payband ranges will be fixed so even those lower down the band will eventually move into the “freeze zone”.

· Your final salary pension will be massively reduced.

· New and promotional roles will come with reduced salaries.

Your Unions will have virtually no scope to negotiate future pay rises.

The plan does not make good business sense. It is likely to hit higher performing staff hardest and de-incentivise people who know that no matter what they do, their pay will be frozen.

What of TfL’s commitment to reducing their dependence on contractors and agency staff?

These plans will make it more difficult to attract the best quality external applicants for jobs and reduce the scope for staff development.TfL’s assertion that the new pay structure will drive up performance is laughable. All serious studies show that a decent level of base pay is an important motivator but performance bonuses have little or no impact on individual performance.We are told that the rationale for the pay cuts is financial, but nowhere are we told how much saving will be made!More likely, the plans are politically motivated so Mayor Johnson can grandstand his tough stance ahead of a challenge to David Cameron.

The current plans would leave TSSA with almost no scope to negotiate future rises or ensure that any pay budget is distributed fairly. Old-fashioned Tory anti-union ideology lies behind much of what is proposed. TSSA totally opposes these cynical plans drafted by the morally bankrupt pairing of the Mayor and Transport Commissioner. They are not fit for London.

We do believe that TfL needs a new pay structure – one based on fairness and transparency – that rewards people for their hard work and provides dignity in retirement. We will need your support to fight for what is right. It may even be necessary to take industrial action to achieve a fair outcome.

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