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25 February 2015

Your Reps met with TfL yesterday to discuss improvements to the P&D process. This meeting has been delayed by TfL since October 2014. We can report a level of success in persuading TfL of some of the flaws in the P&D review system.


TfL will undertake the following actions in relation to the concerns related to Performance Management:


1. Those employees who are rated as a behind target rating at mid year will be tracked at Directorate level. A report will shortly be produced and shared with the staff side based on those who were rated as a behind target rating from October 2014 further consideration will also be given on how relevant information can be shared around the action taken to resolve under performance and the transition of individuals from that rating.

2. Communications will be undertaken with Directors to ensure there is clarity on the accountability in terms of undertaking line management activity (e.g. 121s, mid year reviews and end of year reviews).

3. Future audits of the performance management process will focus on those employees who have received a behind target (equivalent to ‘1’ and ‘2’ ratings at year end) rather than specific business areas.

4. The above audits will look at the evidence which underpins the ratings and will aim to ensure that clear information is available to support the decision reached. As part of this we will review the behaviours section in the guidance notes.

5. We will look into the point raised about how the calibration and the review process works. It may be that some areas should undertake reviews ‘bottom up’, although it was recognised this may not be appropriate in all circumstances.

6. A number of points were raised about the role of PMAs and HRBPs in coaching line managers and further information will be provided on this.

There were also two actions related to the objectivity of the P&D process and the materials which have been produced to support this.

1. Further clarity will be provided around ‘stretch’ objectives, in particular information on how they should be used and what the likely outcomes may be.

2. The wording around the performance assessment matrix will be reviewed, specifically the information relating to those employees who have role model performance but achieve a low rating overall.

Your Reps have also requested that clarity is provided to staff and managers as to what needs to be achieved to gain a rating of 4 or 5. If TfL are serious about helping staff to perform strongly then it seems only reasonable that they are clear about what this looks like. TfL has committed to ongoing discussion over P&Ds and we are hopeful that more positive changes can be made.

While we are still a long way from achieving a truly fair and robust P&D process, we are pleased to have made some substantial progress in that direction. It seems that the experience of trying to run with the half-baked scheme over the past year has opened TfL minds to the fact that many of the criticisms initially raised by TSSA have proved to be valid. Plus, the tremendous support for the P&D boycott amongst our members.

Many of our Band 3 members have been refusing to undertake P&Ds for their direct reports as part of the boycott. In doing so, they have been subject to even more threats from TfL than any other group of members. TSSA is proud of the stand taken by line-managers who have stood alongside their colleagues shoulder to shoulder and put their heads above the parapet.

Based on the progress made above, we cannot yet lift our dispute regarding the P&D process (which is separate to the performance pay issue), but this is now under review. Therefore it does not seem reasonable to continue with the additional action being taken by line managers:

If you manage staff, TSSA advises you to re-commence all line management activities including undertaking P&D reviews etc with your direct reports until further notice.

Notwithstanding the above, all TSSA members should continue to refuse to participate in your own P&D.

TfL has now indicated it is willing to consult meaningfully on its policies and procedures. This is a major step-change. But the proof of the pudding is in the eating – we need to see results from our engagement with the employer. But, if we can continue to make progress, we are hopeful that further suspensions of industrial action can be made.

Thank you for your continued support and determination to make TfL a fairer, better place to work.

If you have any questions, please contact the TSSA Helpdesk: 0800 328 2673 /

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