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TfL Pay Claim 2016

20 June 2016

In March 2015 TfL imposed 'Pay for Performance' (PfP) despite overwhelming opposition, and unprecedented strike action, by staff. Members of TSSA, Unite and RMT took strike action on three occasions. Prior to PfP, base pay increases for all staff in bands 1-3 were negotiated with the trade unions. The pay rise was pensionable, and everyone received the same, subject to getting an 'achieved' P&D rating. This is still the case for bands 1-3 and equivalent grades in LUL. Many long-standing and higher paid staff now receive no increase in pensionable pay, regardless of their performance rating. Under PfP this likely to be the case for some time, and the number of staff affected will increase. TSSA, Unite and RMT remain in dispute with TfL regarding PfP. Nonetheless, we are engaging in pay talks with TfL with the purpose of achieving the best and fairest deal for staff.

TSSA Pay Claim 2016

TSSA met with TfL on 14 and 20 June to discuss a pay settlement for 2015-16. We believe that, as a minimum, the pay rise for TfL staff should match the 1.3% (equal to RPI) paid to LUL staff this year. TSSA, alongside other unions, has rejected TfL's first offer of 0.75% and we await a revised offer. Directors and Senior Managers across TfL and LU are treated consistently; it is only TfL staff in bands 1-3 that are treated differently than their counterparts in LUL.

Below are the key elements of the TSSA Pay Claim. We are expecting a response to recent talks, and a revised pay offer, from TfL by the middle of the week commencing 27 June. We will keep you fully informed of this and ongoing talks and will be organising a number of workplace pay meetings for staff in July.

  • Meaningful negotiation and engagement on pay and terms and conditions#
  • Negotiations to involve the TfL decision makers, including face to face engagement with members of the TfL senior management team, including the HR Director
  • A consolidated pay rise for all staff in bands 1-3 that is at least in line with the settlement paid to staff in LUL
  • A commitment to ensure that sub-contracted staff in London Transport Museum are paid the London Living Wage, as pledged by the previous Mayor of London
  • A review of the current pay system, similar to that carried out in Network Rail, with a view to establishing a fair, transparent and equal pay system
  • If requested, job evaluation of roles for staff earning over the new pay band maxima in bands 1-3 (i.e. band 1 (over threshold) and bands 2-3, top of zone D and zone E); a review of the current job evaluation process.
  • TfL/trade union review of band 1 pay and reward arrangements
  • TfL/trade union review of recruitment and selection procedures, particularly with regard to increasing equality and diversity amongst the TfL workforce
  • A review of the use of non-permanent labour, training and professional development and recruitment and selection procedures with a view to establishing a systematic and co-ordinated approach to strategic resourcing, and increasing the diversity of the TfL workforce in line with the population of London
  • Full and timely consultation and provision of information about TfL strategy, policy and organisational change
  • TfL/trade union review of the causes of sickness absence, with a view to reducing the two primary causes: mental health and musculo-skeletal conditions
  • TfL/trade union analysis and review of the outcomes of the Managing Essentials training programme and consultation on next steps
  • TfL/trade union analysis and review of personal case management processes and procedures and their implementation and operation
  •  TfL/trade union examination and review of the Flexible Working Policy and its operation and implementation within TfL
A link to the PDF of the full pay claim is below. If you have any questions about this or other concerns, please contact your local rep or TSSA Organiser, Mel Taylor:  

  TSSA Pay Claim to TfL 2016

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