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TfL Pension Scheme Annual General Meeting

20 October 2014

Please attend at 11:00 on Friday 24 October to find out how PfP will affect our pensions.


TfL staff and LUL staff are members of the joint TfL Pension Scheme. Pay for Performance proposals in TfL threaten to slash the value of pensions for TfL staff, and their contributions to the scheme. As an LUL or a TfL employee and a member of the TfL Pension Scheme you can attend the Pensions AGM to raise issues & concerns. The Trustees and the Fund secretary will present to answer questions. Come along; it’s time for pension fund members to get some answers.

If you are a member of the TfL Pension Scheme, which covers LUL and TfL employees, you are entitled to attend the Annual General Meeting and ask questions of the Scheme Secretary and Trustees.

Your unions encourage all staff to do your best to attend the AGM.

TfL’s current Pay for Performance proposals not only affect TfL staff but impact upon the whole TfL Pension Scheme, which means an impact on LUL staff. There are a range of important questions that need answers, not least, “Do TfL plan to introduce these changes in LUL?”

Most active pension scheme members will be at work keeping London moving at 11:00 on Friday 24 October, when the AGM will take place. In the past, line managers have used their discretion to allow flexibility for staff to attend. For example, could you make up your hours at a later date?

TfL Pensions Flyer can be downloaded here

LUL Pensions Flyer can be downloaded here

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