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TfL - PRP threat to pensions

23 July 2013

TfL are planning to cut pensionable pay rises and replace with discretionary bonuses, TSSA sources have revealed. This would certainly mean a double whammy of lower pay and worse pensions, while doing nothing to make pay fairer or more transparent.

The Company has postponed planned talks over PRP for the third time, asking for more time to work on proposals. 8 months is not enough, it would seem?

But TSSA can reveal that TfL’s preferred option is to pay ex-gratia bonuses to high performers rather than consolidated rises linked to the cost of living.

The financial constraints imposed by the Coalition and the Mayor’s cuts are clearly driving the agenda.

The latest budget includes an £220m reduction in operational spending. The point has been reached where TfL cannot deliver these cuts through redundancies alone.

They are looking to reduce salary and pension costs as well as cutting jobs.

TSSA has written to Tricia Riley on this issue requesting “an honest discussion, where the impact of budget cuts is addressed collectively with the Unions.”

TfL have been stalling on talks for months. The present feeling is that, rather than negotiate in good faith, TfL are seeking to manoeuvre to force through change regardless of the impact on staff, to reduce the influence of the recognised unions and increase unregulated employer discretion.

TfL now do not want to meet with us until September at the earliest.

This is simply not good enough.

TfL staff have put up with a lamentably bad PRP system for long enough.

Will we now sit back and wait for management to work on an even worse system?

Our pay and PRP survey will help us develop a proper proposal based on your views.

Let’s take the initiative and make our claim for fair pay today.What do you think? Take our quick survey:

For more information, download our special edition PRP Newsletter :   TfL Newsletter PRP Special July 2013


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