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TfL Strike 10 July 2014

9 July 2014

We striking because the Transport Commissioner, Sir Peter Hendy (who last year earned over £650,000), says we should have our pay frozen and our pensions cut.

When we were helping the Olympics happen we were heroes. Now we are told we are worthless.

If TfL’s pay for performance plans become reality, we will see:

· Our real incomes fall against inflation

· Our pensions devalued

· Our pay no longer negotiated with our Unions


We are not asking for a pay rise.

We just want to maintain our livelihoods and our dignity in retirement.


We have asked TfL to go to ACAS to resolve this dispute; they have refused. We have sought meaningful negotiations with TfL for over six months; they have refused. We have offered a range of alternatives to their proposals but TfL are simply not interested in reaching an agreement, only in pursuing the Tory cuts agenda.

We proudly stand, shoulder to shoulder, with our brothers and sisters taking action across the public sector today. Together are stronger. Together we can win.

If, like us, you work at TfL, then join a union today and take strike action

If, like us, you believe in better London transport,

please support our action and check out :

Lobby the TfL Board - www.tflunionstogether/tfl-board

Download as colour leaflet:   Why we are striking 10 July

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