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TfL: Strike is on

8 May 2014

TSSA members (Bands 1-3) will be taking strike action from 07:00 Friday (09 May 2014) morning until 06:59 Saturday (10 May 2014) morning alongside our colleagues in Unite and RMT.

We will be sending a powerful message to TfL – re-think your pay freeze and negotiate, don’t just dictate. During the action, members are advised not to undertake any work for TfL including calls, emails and meetings.


As previously advised by TSSA, the Company will try various tactics to undermine the action. We said that they would claim the strike will not be effective, that they would attack the unions, and they have done! No alarms and no surprises there.

But, if TfL are unconcerned, why invest so much time and effort into trying to weaken our action? The truth is that you have power when you join with others to take a principled stand.
Following on from our dispute with LUL, TSSA has negotiated salary protection for our members on LU Stations. No one will lose a penny off their pay or pension. If TfL can give this to Tube staff, why not to you?

Invisible jobs, vital services

Many TfL staff work behind the scenes in jobs that are not seen by the public, or even understood. But your work is essential to deliver the vital transport services London needs.
Some senior people need to end their worship of the private sector and the “market” (they talk in semi-religious terms about the Market) and start valuing your hard work and dedication to a quality public service.
Stand up for better London transport, delivered by highly skilled professionals, fairly rewarded and fairly treated.

Together we bargain, divided we beg!


For more information, see our FAQ and the TFL Unions Together website.

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