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TfL Take a U-turn on TPH Outsourcing

23 November 2011

TSSA and London cabbies force TfL to backtrack on their plans to outsource the Taxi and Private Hire Office.

TfL Take a U turn on Outsourcing Taxi Private Hire

Transport for London’s plans to privatise the London Taxi and Private Hire Department was withdrawn today. This is a significant victory.

TfL’s taxi meter was halted following the decisive actions of TSSA’s elected LCG representatives and overwhelming support from London Cab Drivers.

TfL’s illogical plans to outsource the regulation of the Taxi and Private Hire trades in London would have resulted in jobs transferring to ether Coventry or Northampton. 68 jobs were identified in this move spelling job cuts and with more than 100 jobs at risk.

Notwithstanding the impact and detriment the proposals would have had on staffs’ employment, public safety was also put at risk. The Mayor recognises the problems caused by unlicensed taxis in the capital and the unacceptable level of assaults on women but nonetheless seen fit to hand over the regulatory body to a privateer in the Midlands which would have intensified the problems in dealing with licensing and safety issues

The proposals to outsource the Compliance and Driver Licence functions for London’s Taxi and Private Hire were due to be presented to the Finance and Policy Forum on 23 November and planned to be endorsed at TfL’s board meeting on 7 December.

However, late last night, on the eve of TSSA’s planned demo outside of Windsor House, the Deputy Director communicated the proposals had been withdrawn.

Today, reps from TSSA, RMT, Unite, Unison, RMT, UCG (United Cabbies Group), LCDC (London Cab Driver’s Club) turned out to protest against the ludicrous proposals. TSSA would like to thank everyone for their valued support and solidarity, and with particular thanks to the London Cab drivers and TSSA ‘s reps. Your TSSA reps were central to the representations made within the ludicrously short consultation process implemented by TfL and which they made abundantly clear should not be communicated to any of the trades unions’ head offices.

The collective action taken by reps and cabbies has clearly stopped TfL in their tracks. However, we are not out of the woods yet. New proposals may well surface sometime in the New Year, albeit it has been said that Taxi Private Hire will remain in-house. However, the job-cutting regime labelled Project Horizon still looms and further actions need to be taken.

What can you do to help?

• If you are a TSSA member please pass this circular on to non-members and discuss it with your colleagues.

• Non-members can now join TSSA on-line by visiting TSSA’s web site. The link is

• Contact your elected TSSA representatives for information and updates.

• Check out TSSA notice boards for information.

• Want to get more involved with TSSA? – Contact your Regional Organisers Wayne Geoghegan or Mel Taylor






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