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TfL: Union Members Strike Back!

13 May 2014

For the first time ever, TSSA members joined with their colleagues in Unite and RMT to take strike action at TfL. And what a success!


A BIG “thank you” to all TSSA members who supported the strike and withdrew their labour last Friday. Support was strong across the company, and at least three of TfL’s Travel Information Centres were closed – Victoria, Liverpool Street and Piccadilly – with others kept open only by using agency staff.

The success of the strike was demonstrated visibly by the fantastic turnout on picket-lines at key TfL locations, including Palestra, Windsor House, Albany House, Pier Walk and the Lost Property Office. 

Again, we want to thank and congratulate all TSSA members who took part in the strike action. It is never an easy decision to strike, particularly when facing pressure from management not to do so. This dispute is fundamentally important. It is not only about defending our pay and pensions and protecting our livelihoods. It is also about being treated with respect; TfL should honour their agreements to negotiate change, not simply impose it upon us.


Further talks on Pay for Performance

TSSA and other union reps are scheduled to have further talks with TfL on Pay for Performance later this week. So far these meetings have been a waste of time, as TfL have refused to engage meaningfully with the trade unions.

Last Friday’s strike, alongside our ongoing action short of strike, sends a powerful message to TfL management: your staff are not at all happy; treat your staff with respect; re-think your pay freeze and negotiate.

What next?

Let’s be realistic; we do not expect TfL to give way immediately. This is going to be a long campaign by union members, and we have made an excellent start. Our action short of strike is already beginning to have an effect and this impact will increase over time.

TSSA, RMT & Unite are planning a series of joint union off-site members’ meetings next week, to update members and discuss how we stand together and move forward, building alliances with our supporters and with union members across London transport.

We stand together for better London transport, delivered by highly skilled professionals, fairly rewarded and fairly treated.

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