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TfL: We strike again

9 June 2014

A further day of strike action has been called for all members (Bands 1-3) of TSSA, Unite and RMT.

25 hour strike commencing @ 06:00 on Friday 13th June 2014, finishing @ 07:00 on Saturday 14th June 2014

If you have any questions please contact your local union rep or your union directly.

We are in dispute because TfL are staging a massive and long term attack on our pay, pensions and collective bargaining rights.

TfL does not value us or our contributions. Whenever we are needed, TfL staff deliver the goods. From big occasions like the Olympics (unpaid) to working late (unpaid) to get the job done, we give generously of ourselves. We are dedicated transport professionals, and that’s just what we do because we take our work seriously.

We do not then expect to have our pay and pensions slashed, and our views and concerns ignored and overridden. Our goodwill and dedication has been thrown back in our faces by TfL. Meanwhile, the TfL Commissioner was awarded a bonus of over £160,000 last year, on top of his £330,000 salary.

TfL seem to know the price of everything, but the value of nothing.

Their imposed Pay for Performance proposals mean:

  • Pay Freezes
  • Pension Cuts
  • Pay rises determined arbitrarily and unilaterally by TfL, NOT negotiated

by your recognised trade unions in consultation with members This is no way to build a world class organisation.

TfL tell us that we have no power, and that we should doff our caps and trust that they will look after us. We know that’s not just an empty promise, it’s an out and out lie. We know that TfL will stoop to making threats against us to try to break our will to resist their cuts. But we also know that the reality is that THEY need US. Our skills and commitment are valuable, and in many cases, unique. Our contribution is world class.

On Friday let’s send a message that without our efforts, TfL is in real trouble.

All we are asking for is a fair deal. Not so radical is it?


Join the TfL lobby of Mayor’s Question Time

Whilst TfL management may not value the contributions of their staff, we know that many of the travelling public do recognise and value our role in keeping London moving.

TfL Unions Together are building links with a range of political and community allies to increase pressure upon TfL to come back to the table and engage in meaningful talks about pay and pensions. As part of this wider campaign we are holding a symbolic protest outside City Hall prior to the official Question Time of London Mayor and head of the TfL Board, Boris Johnson.

Several London Assembly Members have already pledged their support for TfL staff and have promised to join us there on Wednesday. They will also be putting questions to the Mayor about London transport, and welcome the chance to talk with TfL staff.

9.00-10.00, Wednesday 11 June City Hall, The Queen’s Walk, London SE1 2AA

Nearest tube: London Bridge or Tower Hill Come along and make your voice heard!  


Download this newsletter as a PDF: TfL We strike again - 9 June 2014

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