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TfW Rail Services 2019 pay survey outcome

14 November 2019

Thank you to those of you who took the time recently to complete the 2019 pay surveys. We are pleased to inform you that the majority of members are in favour of the final offer which we confirmed to the company on 08/11/19.

December timetable

In addition to the headline pay increase we also asked our station members if they accepted the company’s enhanced Sunday pay offer to help deliver the forthcoming timetable change in December. The majority of our members who voted are also in favour of this offer which we have communicated to the company.

We remain frustrated and disappointed that our Management and Clerical members are currently the only groups of staff who have not been offered any financial recompense. We intend to resume discussions on this with the company as soon as possible.

Next steps

We also reaffirm our commitment to pursue all of the other headings in our pay claims which we haven’t been able to resolve to date and commit to keeping you updated on any developments. We have received confirmation that if we do negotiate agreements on any of these headings we will not have to wait until next year’s anniversary date for them to be implemented.

The company has not yet confirmed to us when they will be applying this year’s pay increase and the associated backpay so we will update you accordingly.

Please encourage non-members to have a voice and join which they can do online at

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