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TfW Rail Services Union Learning Rep elections

12 February 2020

We are seeking enthusiastic and proactive TSSA members to fill two union learning representative roles.


Reps positions

The two ULR positions are currently vacant and therefore we would like to encourage you to consider taking on one of these roles. The former incumbents did a fantastic job of representing you and your colleagues and I would like to thank them all for their hard work and dedication. The seats that are available are as follows:



Union learning reps

2 x seats open to all TSSA members

If you decide to take on this role you will be provided with full training and support and may be expected to:

· Attract new members through our reps leading discussions and campaigns at the workplace on equal access to learning and training opportunities

· Encourage more members to get involved, negotiating and co-ordinating professional and personal development opportunities at all levels including around career advice and progression

· Develop members’ confidence and job security at work through updating and adding to their skills & knowledge

· Introduce collective agreements on study and learning opportunities

· Set up quality apprenticeship programmes with full union involvement

Nomination and Election period

To be eligible for nomination you must be a TSSA member, work within the relevant grade/location (if the role requires it) for no less than 6 months. You must also submit a fully completed nomination form with your details, signature confirming that you will abide by TSSA rules, and obtain nominations from 6 colleagues who are TSSA members within the relevant grade/location. Details of the nomination rules are contained on the nomination form itself.

  TfW RS ULR form

Please encourage non-members to have a voice and join which they can do online at

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