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Thales Re-organisation Update

15 June 2011

Your reps met Thales on 10 June for further discussions around the ongoing re-organisation.

 The company provided an update on the outcome of the selection process and next steps. It was agreed that everyone who wished to lodge an appeal against a decision should do so by 20 June, as the outcome of the selection process will be communicated to all individuals by 13 June. All appeals should be heard by an independent manager.

Company insist on restrictive timetable

Your reps again raised concerns about the haste with which Thales intend individuals to leave the business. We do not believe that the Company can fairly carry out this process by 30 June. The company did give assurances that anyone who has an ongoing appeal or any outstanding interest in alternative jobs will not be made to leave. We would therefore urge members to engage with these processes where appropriate.
In addition to any appeal against selection from a pool of staff, any member that is given notice and is unhappy with this must lodge a grievance against the redundancy. 
Finally, Thales have a duty to mitigate redundancies and should seek alternative work for any persons at risk of redundancy. We advise that you make clear your interest in any suitable roles that exist in the business to ensure they are held to account.
Contact your local rep for further advice or alternatively the Members’ Helpdesk. 

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