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Alignment of Terms and Conditions - Further Update

4 July 2012

Your reps have been in further talks with Thales over their proposed changes to terms and conditions.

These talks have continued to make little progress. This week the company have stated that they are not moving on their previous proposal on redundancy and have moved on annual leave only by introducing a “company day” on a day of Thales’ choosing.

Thales also stated that the talks with your reps are “not a negotiation” indicating that at this stage they intend to continue to ignore your views on key matters.

The company now propose to disclose the “compensation payments” over the next couple of weeks.

Your reps have not agreed the principles of this compensation on the following basis:

  • Thales intend to pay compensation as lump sums for a limited number of years and not as an ongoing increase in salary.
  • Compensation for some terms (eg annual leave) will be subject to a cap and be assessed along with other benefits, eg medical insurance, which may well reduce many people’s compensation.

Further meetings are scheduled for next Monday and Tuesday.

As the company’s position has moved a little your reps need to again ask for your views.  Our previous survey indicated that a significant majority of staff wished to be balloted for industrial action. Before we move on this mandate please let us know your views in this short survey and speak to your rep.

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