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Thales Alignment of Terms and Conditions: Ballot Opens!

10 August 2012

Today you will receive a ballot paper to vote on industrial action over ThalesÂ’ proposals for new terms and conditions of employment.

For three months your reps have been engaged in discussions with the company to try and negotiate an acceptable outcome for our members.

The company have hardly moved on the key issues of redundancy, annual leave and overtime. Your reps now need a clear vote from the members in favour of industrial action to give them the backing to make the company move.

When do I need to return my ballot paper by?

Your ballot paper needs to be returned by first post 30 August.

What if have not received a ballot paper?

If your ballot paper does not turn up then contact the TSSA Members’ Helpdesk for assistance.

What is industrial action short of strike?

Most commonly this would include overtime and call out bans, but the actual form of action, timing and duration would all be decided by your reps in consultation with you.

Can I, or my colleagues, still join to vote in the ballot?

Absolutely! You can join online here but also make sure you contact the TSSA Members Helpdesk to ensure you get a ballot paper sent out in time.

What else can I do to help?

Talk to your collegues who may not be members to encourgae them to join and vote! 

Thales have tried to give the impression all along that the outcome of this process is decided and you have no control. By standing together and voting yes in the ballot we can convince the company to listen to your legitimate concerns and properly negotiate a solution!

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