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"The Act of a Dictator" - Johnson's suspension of Parliament effectively a coup

28 August 2019

TSSA leader Manuel Cortes has called for Parliament to be recalled this Friday and for it to meet over the weekend to stop Johnson's coup. "It's outrageous that those who argued leaving the EU would enhance our Parliamentary sovereignty are now seeking to shut it down because they can't muster a majority.


“These are the actions of a dictator - a prime minister without any democratic mandate for his actions. Johnson has never faced the public in an election and can’t even command a Parliamentary majority now.

“If he is confident that the British people support his no-deal disaster, then he should call a general election without further delay. However, organising what is effectively a coup to get it over the line is completely unacceptable. Without democracy and upholding parliamentary sovereignty our country is turning back the clock on everything that has made Britain great.

“I predict that if he succeeds in closing down our Parliamentary democracy at such a crucial time in the Brexit timetable, civil disobedience will follow.

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