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The government is to blame for London Transport black hole

30 January 2018

Responding to a story in the Evening Standard of a £400m black hole in Transport for London's budget, TSSA leader Manuel Cortes puts the blame firmly in the Tory government's court for the decision they made to cancel the London Transport operating grant leaving London as the only major city without a national transport subsidy.

Cortes said:

“The reports in the Evening Standard of passengers facing delays and crowded journeys and worrying about their safety is a direct result of lack of investment by the Tory government when they withdrew the operating grant.

“No other major city runs without a subsidy for transport infrastructure. Public transport is the lifeblood of any city – it allows workers to commute to work efficiently and prevents pollution for everyone.

“I suggest the editor of the Evening Standard – George Osborne hands his report straight over to his previous colleagues in government and requests, in the interests of the London travelling public, that they reverse the decision he made as Chancellor.”

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