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The Lowdown - B1-4 National Management Council Newsletter

9 December 2019

Network Rail breach PPF agreements

The national management council representatives have engaged with the company since April 2019 to consult the Putting Passengers and Freight Users First re-organisation.

During this time TSSA has reiterated the risks associated with undertaking changes without knowing the final end state design.

TSSA Reps have repeatedly requested information on the scale of risk to STE staff. The company response at every meeting was that the end state design is not yet understood and as such the level of risk to jobs could not be identified.

Despite this however, we have identified that STE leadership has proceeded against advice from the program team to brief STE colleagues. The briefing contained information on a draft proposal, with assumptions about the potential future state impacting their employment status.

It is unacceptable that the company is bypassing the agreed process and undermining employees’ rights.

The TSSA want to ensure that employees have meaningful, factual, accurate information – the information that has been briefed does not have the level of confidence for Network rail to commence formal consultation.

We are deeply concerned that this breach has generated unnecessary stress and anxiety to colleagues because of the company’s failure to follow the agreed consultation process.

The briefing has taken place prior to national consultation to avoid the risk of redundancy.

Given the above breach TSSA had no choice but to cease consultation until such a time that the company could provide assurance that meaningful consultation can recommence.

The TSSA are hopeful that the company will seek to restore trust to enable meaningful consultation to recommence, for the benefit of everyone.


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