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The real story about LUL: pay, Night Tube and Fit for the Future Stations

23 June 2015

In order that TSSA members know the full truth about LUL management's failure to engage with the recognised trade unions over the last 18 months - and the reasons for the current dispute and the overwhelming importance of a YES vote in the current ballot for industrial action - we have below outlined a response to the Employee Bulletin sent out by Steve Griffith, LUL Chief Operating Officer, last week.

 LU Pay and Night Tube

  • A 0.75% pay rise this year is a real terms pay cut for LUL staff, and RPI next year is a pay freeze. Meanwhile, LU is cutting almost 1,000 posts. Does this REALLY recognise the hard work, improvements in productivity and valuable contributions that TSSA members have made?
  • LU has offered NO FURTHER DATES FOR PAY TALKS.TSSA and our sister unions are keen to engage in meaningful talks with LU about pay and Night Tube. During two days at ACAS, LU management were in the same room as the unions for only 15 minutes; that is not engagement nor a willingness to talk! Prior to going into dispute, we were in pay talks with LUL on pay since February, with no progress being made.
  • LUL is not seeking ‘agreement’ regarding Night Tube, but is seeking to ignore and abandon agreements made to protect staff working at night. LUL have described the Frameworks as “bad agreements”. We describe the Frameworks as agreements that LUL signed up to, defining safe working practices that can only be changed by negotiation.
  • Night Tube means many staff working more nights and weekends, with less opportunity to take up extra leave dates or mutually exchange their duties with colleagues; it could lead to duties being changed at shorter notice and more extreme shift changes. The current offer of two or three one-off non-consolidated payments in no way compensates staff for the changes resulting from Night Tube, both now and in the long-term future.
  • LUL’s proposals reduce your choice and opportunity to change working hours. LUL’s view of flexible working is expecting staff to more work nights and anti-social hours without recognition or proper reward.

Fit for the Future Stations

  • LUL placed strict restrictions on which grades could apply for VS, so while everyone who could apply for it got it, not everyone who wanted it could get it.
  • TSSA does not believe that the 115 saved posts is sufficient, and more jobs are required. LUL's 'extensive consultation' has been piecemeal and one-sided.
  • Whilst we support an increase in the number of staff to be recruited for Night Tube from 290 to 345, we do not believe that intended staffing levels for Night Tube are safe for staff or passengers.
  • Our evidence indicates that passengers want ticket offices to remain open. There have been issues at numerous stations, such as Kings Cross, including an increase in staff assaults, huge queues and ticket machines breaking down.
  • LUL's assertion that 80% of staff are satisfied with their location following Location Matters is not true. We know that 20% of staff are deeply dissatisfied with their location, and the majority of others are resigned to the location they have been allocated.LUL's 'take it or leave it' approach to placement means that many staff have are in locations they don't want but feel that they can't challenge that decision.

TSSA and the other recognised trade unions have been seeking to engage with LUL about Fit for the Future Stations for the last 18 months, and the last four months about pay and Night Tube. LUL management are simply unwilling to engage meaningfully, and this has been acknowledged even by ACAS.

The decision to go into dispute and to ballot, alongside the other three unions in LUL, has been taken because LUL management are refusing to engage in meaningful consultation and negotiation.

Only a YES vote for strike action and action short of strike will lead to a settlement that is negotiated, agreed and fair for all our members. Please vote NOW and vote YES.

If you have not yet received your ballot paperplease contact TSSA Helpdesk: or tel. 0800 328 2673

ASLEF members vote overwhelmingly for strike action

As you will know, TSSA is balloting all members (excluding senior managers) for industrial action, alongside ASLEF, RMT and Unite, the three other unions in London Underground. The results of the ASLEF ballot were published last week: 97% of members voted for strike action, on a turnout of 81%.

TSSA must achieve a convincing YES vote alongside our fellow trades unions in LUL to get management back to the table.

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