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There is an alternative

1 February 2011

Saturday 19th February 2011 10am-5.30pm (registration from 9am) Congress House, Great Russell Street, London

The Tory-led cuts agenda is set to cause great damage to our public services, jobs and the quality of life of all our communities.

Nationally, Cameron and Osborne are carrying out cuts on a scale that Thatcher could only dream about. In London, Tory Mayor Boris Johnson, is putting the interest of the wealthiest first, calling for lower taxes on the rich whilst driving through huge transport fare increases.

There is an alernative to this ideological attack. This conference will bring together leading figures to discuss building the widest possible alliances against the Tory-led cuts in London and beyond and the progressive alternatives we need.

Progressive London is a cross-party, multi-community forum initiated by Ken Livingstone to stand up for social progress in the capital.

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