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Thomas Cook policy changes

11 June 2013

On the 6th of March along with the transformation announcements it was also announced to amend some of the current policies currently in use and introduce new policies (i.e. Unpaid Leave, Additional Annual Leave Purchase and Salary Sacrifice).

Over the last 13 weeks period your Reps and Thomas Cook have been in regular meetings negotiating these changes and now after a lot of give and take on both sides, we the reps feel we can now accept the offer on the table.

This acceptance has been reached due to a lot of hard work by your reps over the last 12 weeks and below we will out line how we have got to this point

Changes to the following policies were announced on 6th of March

  • Redundancy
  • Salary Protection in event of moving to a lower role lever
  • Concessions policy for those leaving through redundancy.
  • Unpaid annual leave policy
  • Removal of sick pay for 1st 3 days of absence after reaching trigger points
  • Introduction of Salary Sacrifice Travel Benefit (SSTB)
  • Maternity and Adoption
  • Pension
  • Changes to overtime rate and introduction of toil as preferred method of overtime compensation

Attached below you can see the original offer along with the second and final offers.



Capped 20yrs service, no salary cap and due to come in 1st April 2013 for new starts and 1st Oct for all current staff. No payment for under 2yrs continuous service
For each year of service:
under 22 yrs - 0.5x no. Weeks
At 22 up to but not including 41 - 1 x no. Weeks
At 41 years and over - 1.5 x no weeks
No statutory cap to employees’ weekly pay
With a company weekly pay uplift of 1.25

No change for new starts from original offer

For existing staff removal of changes proposed and remaining on their existing Redundancy Policies
Salary protection:

Due to redeployment to be reduced from 12months to 3months with effective date 1st April
Pro rata concessions for leavers due to redundancy
Salary Protection:

4 months protection for those affected in this change program and 3 months protection going forward

Concession will still be pro rata but company will credit you with an additional 2 months of service at your leaving date. Also any part months will be rounded up.
Example if you leave Oct 15th you would get a pro rata concession up to December ( 8 months)
Maternity and adoption:

1)    Return to work bonus: removal of this for people return to work on or after 1 June 2013
2)    Aligning policies: to all business areas to the Thomas cook maternity policy effective 1st June
Maternity and Adoption:

1) Return to work bonus: will be honoured for those based o in receipt of a Mat B1  detailing  an EWC in the week which includes  24th July 2013(or whose EWC is earlier than this) and returning before 01 July 2014. Anyone with  an EWC later than 24 July 2013,   or returning after 01 July 2014 will not be eligible.
2) Aligning Policies: Aligning of legacy MyTravel policies now to take place 1st Jan 2014
3) Commitment to introduce a surrogacy policy

Overtime, additional leave and toil, unpaid leave:

1)    Overtime to reduce the overtime rate for bank holidays and Sundays (worked as 6th day) to 1.5 for all business areas not on this policy, currently.
2)    Additional Leave: to increase the amount of holidays that can be purchased. Now can purchase up to 35 days (5 further days)
3)    Toil: to promote toil as the preferred method for compensation overtime worked across all business areas. Toil to be processed as time unless agreed or stated otherwise
4)    Unpaid Leave: to introduce a policy to allow staff to request up to 6 months unpaid leave
Overtime rate:

No change to original proposal
Additional Leave: no change to original proposal
Toil: to apply an expiry limit of 4 months on toil for any unused toil to be reviewed by a manager Toil could then be paid at this time.  It was agreed to create a mangers Guidelines Document to support this policy
Unpaid leave: time restrictions were ironed out in the policy so Retail and sales centre staff could also apply for up to 6 months unpaid leave in peaks providing the request was for more than 1 month. Informal review process added for declined requests to be conducted by next level line manager.
Concession salary sacrifice: to introduce a salary sacrifice scheme through freeway:

No details at this point
Salary Sacrifice Travel Benefit (SSTB):

Details were now given as to how the scheme would work.
Monthly Min  sacrifice reduction £25 max reduction £250
Reductions available over 3 6 and 9 months for current year
Employee must still pay minimum value when using concessions in conjunction with in house products and the Travel Concessions policy
 Once sacrifice reductions have commenced SSTB may be used,
Employees leaving thorough resign with be offered no cash alternative and have 3 months to apply any SSTB toa booking

Still some on-going discussions with HMRC

Any employee who hits there trigger point target would receive no pay for the 1st 3 days of any future absence effective from 1st June
Pensions: due to increased costs of running pensions due to auto enrolment new joiners to the pension scheme from 1st April 2013 will pay £25 once they have £1500 in there pensions pot

To withdraw these proposal changes at this time and to have a review of this policy along with the union at future date
Pensions: 3 years protection of the £25 charge with an effective date of 1st July 2013


As you can see from the above Table that there has been a lot of movement on where we were on the 6th of March, again this has not been achieved without considerable effort from your union reps and without their dedication we would not be where we are with these policies.  

Going forward if anyone has any concerns or issues over what the reps have accepted on your behalf or wish some further information we will be holding various Q&A sessions either by conference call or in person where appropriate.
Should you wish to attend one of these sessions then please contact the TSSA members Helpdesk 08003282673 to register you interest by a closing date of 19th June 2013

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