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Thousands sign new TSSA petition to bring ScotRail into public ownership

25 August 2017

A TSSA petition demanding that the Scottish government bring ScotRail back into public ownership has gained more than six thousand signatures in less then two days of going on-line.

See the TSSA ScotRail video here.

Almost 7,000 people had added their name to the petition by lunchtime today (Friday) with thousands more signatories anticipated over the weekend. TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes has pledged to deliver the petition in person to Scottish Transport Minister, Humza Yousaf, when it reaches more than 10,000 signatures

The petition was released on twitter on Wednesday afternoon alongside a light-hearted video commissioned by TSSA to highlight the absurdity of Scotland's nationalist government enabling ScotRail profits to subsidising fares for rail passengers in Holland whilst at the same time presiding over fare increases in Scotland.

The ScotRail franchise was awarded by the Scottish government to Abellio, a subsidiary company of the Dutch government owned rai network Nederlandse Spoorwegen which nets a whopping £1million in profits each month from Scottish passengers.
The video released on You Tube has had more than 200,000 since it too was launched in Wednesday lunchtime. It was even retweeted by Mr Yousaf giving an undoubted boost to the number of viewers.

Said TSSA General Secretary,"I don't get the impression that Humza likes the video, but his retweeting of it has certainly helped our campaign to Make ScotRail Public. It is the most popular petition in the shortest space of time in TSSA's campaigning history. It reflects the Scottish people's overwhelming desire for ScotRail to be run in their interests not those of the Dutch government.

"Like passengers TSSA believes the privatisation of railways in Scotland, as in the rest of the UK has been a disaster for passengers and taxpayers alike. The way the franchising system is structured means the taxpayers underwrite the cost of rail infrastructure and running of the services, but the franchisees get to walk away with guaranteed profits. In ScotRail's case money is repatriated to Holland because the Dutch government is the parent company. They use the profits made out of passengers in Scotland to subsidise rail fares in Holland.

"This is economics of the madhouse when we clearly have the staff and the talent in Scotland to run our own railways. The Scottish government know this as we have explained this at length to the Scottish Transport Minister.

"Humza's a nice guy, but he is still a politician so you have to be wary of being strung along. He now needs to stop talking the talk and make the change happen. He could down in British political history - let alone transport history - as the person that finally broke the Tory imposed franchise system which has cost Scottish passengers. Or he could be remembered as the guy that wasted the opportunity to make a real difference. That's his and the SNP's political choice.

"Our call for public ownership of the ScotRail franchise chimes with Scottish public opinion. Our video ridicules rail privatisation in Scotland because, frankly it is ridiculous. Our accompanying Public ScotRail Petition has already gathered thousands of signatures from people who want Scotland's railways to be run in their interests and not those of the Dutch government.

"If Humza and the SNP are complaining about our campaign it's because they're feeling on this issue because they continue to collaborate with the privateers rather then change the broken rail system and rig ScotRail back in favour of Scotland's passengers and taxpayers. If the signatures keep coming in over the weekend, it looks like I'll be booking a meeting with Humza very soon."

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