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To all Cross Country members not covered by collective bargaining

4 January 2018

You should have received a ballot paper asking you to vote on whether or not you support industrial action. There is now one week to go to register your vote! Completed ballot papers must be returned by next Thursday, 11 January 2018, in order to count.

Every vote counts! Because of recent government anti-trade union legislation, if you don't vote, it will effectively count as a vote against action.

A reminder of why you are being asked to take the big step of voting YES to industrial action:

  • Staff covered by collective bargaining received a 3.3% increase on basic rates of pay and dynamic allowances or a minimum increase of £900 - managers not covered by collective bargaining have eventually paid 1%. Since some managers are covered by collective bargaining having been transferred from Central Trains ten years ago, they received a 3.3% increase while the rest of the managers received 1%.
  • In almost every other year since the franchise began ten years ago, managers not covered by collective bargaining always received the same pay increase as other staff.
  • It is bad enough that managers are not being valued by the company. But, despite knowing full well for months that the company intended to pay managers just 1%, the company dishonestly hid their intentions from staff and their union until the end of November, 6 months after the pay increase was due.

It is time to stand up , be counted, and say NO to pay injustice and YES to doing something about it!

TSSA members are being asked to vote YES to both strike action, and action short of strike action. ‘Action short of strike action’ will include an on-going refusal to carry out duties outside of core duties, such as covering the duties of other staff.

TSSA will have to give fourteen days notice of the commencement of any industrial action once the ballot result is announced next Thursday. It is hoped that the company will use this time to get round the negotiating table, improve their pay offer, and avoid a second industrial dispute.

Some Cross Country managers are not in membership of TSSA. Union members are therefore asked to check whether colleagues are in membership, and if they are not, encourage them to join. We are stronger together!

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