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Tories "vindictive" over success of East Coast Line

25 March 2013

TSSA leader Manuel Cortes accused the Tories of being "vindictive" over their plan to privatise the successful East Coast line franchise.

It is is expected that the House of Commons will be told tomorrow that the line will be sold back to the private sector by December 2014, six months ahead of the next General Election.
"This is all to do with political ideology and nothing to do with running a successful railway," said the union general secretary.
"The line in public ownership has delivered over £600 million to the Treasury and is outperforming most of the private franchises.
"But in an act of political vindictiveness, the Tories want to tie Labour's hands after the next General Election by making sure it is back in the private sector by then. They do not want to see a successful public railway being handed on to the next goverment.
"That would expose their hollow claim that only a private railway can be a successful railway."

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