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Tory manifesto will make it more 'bloody difficult' to make ends meet

18 May 2017

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes responded to this morning's news briefings of the Tory Party manifesto.

"The Tories' promises on immigration come from the same never-never land fantasy as Osborne's repeated pledges to get rid of the deficit. The reality is that May has continuously and abysmally failed to deliver her deluded immigration targets. Her record of failure speaks for itself.

"This manifesto does not provide a blueprint for a better Britain for the many. By abolishing free school dinners for the under 7s and slashing winter fuel benefits for all but the poorest pensioners, Theresa May is signalling the Tory Party has every intention of  becoming a whole load nastier yet.

"We now have the evidence that a vote for this self confessed "bloody difficult woman" will make it even more bloody difficult for most Britons to make ends meet."

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