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Translink Pay Talks

18 December 2015

We have just started pay talks with the company. The company offer is a 1.5% pay rise no strings attached with the agreement for one year.


We have been given assurances that next year’s pay talks will begin around the anniversary period of April 2016.

So far we have had initial meetings for the following grades, Ulsterbus Inspectors, Rail Supervisors, Clerical and Contact Centre.

Management, Professional and Technical grades will meet in early January 2016.

During the initial talks we raised concerns around particular issues pertinent to the particular grades. As outlined below:

Ulsterbus Inspectors:

We had a number of understanding issues from last year’s pay agreement dealing with RIBUS and the holiday bonus. These issues need to be dealt with as part of these talks.

We have also tabled a request that we look into the possibility of annualised hours for the grade.

The meeting was then deferred until January to allow the company to respond to our pay claim.

Rail Supervisors:


As part of the Rail supervisors pay claim we believe we need to look at the issue of working hours. Members have been raising concerns that working hours are getting excessive, especially when compared to other grades. Recent changes at Translink indicate that excessive working hours will only get worst. It is crucial that we deal with this matter.

We have also demanded that we review the supervisor’s contract, this should have be done years ago. Due to the ever changing work place environment we need to review the contract to see if it is fit for purpose for your grade.

The company took on board our claim and we are scheduled to meet in January to hear their response.


Clerical & Contact Centre:

We reiterated our position that clerical grades have disproportionately been targeted during recent reorganisations due to budget cuts. This has increased workloads and stress and strain. Our position is that we are not prepared to have any further changes without any form of remuneration either in pay or improved terms and conditions. It is time that members in the clerical grade are respected and not constantly targeted.

To improve work life balance we have requested as part of the pay claim an additional day’s annual leave.

We feel a review of frontline staffing levels is need and believe relief staff should be returned for the Bus Depots and a dialogue should be established between the grade and management to address the issue of revenue slippage. We strongly believe more frontline staff can deliver on getting increased revenue collection.

We have once again included as part of the pay claim a ticket bonus for booking office staff. It is only fair that as conductors receive the bonus that there should be parity for the booking office staff.

We highlighted the increasing workloads due to new technology in particular social media for contact centre staff. It was recognised in last year’s pay agreement the impact of new technology and agreed that if having a substantial change to duties it should then be a point of consultation and negotiation. We believe that is a case for the contact centre.

Management, Professional and Technical grades:


We hope when we meet in January for the Management, Professional and Technical grades the company will recognise the impact of the recent structural changes and make an offer that reflects this. It has been a difficult period for the grade. We are still consulting with members in the grade and encourage members if they want issues raised around pay and your terms and conditions to contact the TSSA.

In addition to the above claims we have raised again the issue of long term service and appropriate reward and recognition. We believe the current format of one off additional leave at 30 years as inadequate and falls short of industry standards. We have requested as part of the claim for all grades that a working party is set up between the trade unions and the company to look into the issue of long service recognition.

Please circulate to work colleagues, in particular any non-members and ask them to join!

We will update members after talks resume in January 2016.

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