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Transport funding shortfall in Scotland shows we need a People’s Railway

13 October 2017

Responding to news that Scottish Transport Minister Humza Yousaf postponed his announcement for future rail funding after Tory Government at Westminster leaving railways in Scotland with an estimated shortfall of £600m, TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes said,

"This news highlights the failed transport strategies of both the Tories and the SNP.

"The Tories seem now to be pursuing a policy of managed decline outside the profitable south eastern routes. Chancellor Hammond ensures the treasury vaults remain closed to the monies badly needed to upgrade rail infrastructure projects and still the market obsessed transport minister Grayling spins the cuts as cuddles.

"Humza is right to complain, but the conundrum he’s in is there is precious little he can do about kicking the Tories out of Westminster which is what Britain needs if we are ever to get the modern cross border inter-regional city rail economy.

“What’s more as long as he sticks to the privatised franchise model for train operating companies he’s sadly propping up the bankrupt Tory rail model.
Only Labour has a plan for - and the ability to deliver - public control to the people of Scotland as well as England and Wales for a People's Railway which will put our railways back at the service of passengers and our whole country with investment that will upgrade infrastructure for and redistribute rail wealth to ensure that nowhere in Britain is left behind.”

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