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Transport (Scotland) Bill gets 4 out of 10 from TSSA

12 June 2018

Responding today to the Transport (Scotland) Bill published by the Scottish Government on 8th June, TSSA Leader Manuel Cortes said, “This is a wasted opportunity to bring ScotRail back into public ownership.

“If the Scottish government were serious about bringing down car emissions, they would recognise the place of trains in its transport strategy. Bringing ScotRail back into public ownership would give us an immediate 6% saving on rail fares, making travel by train far more affordable for the average Scottish commuter and passenger.

“Whilst we welcome greater regulation for buses, there is nothing in the bill to facilitate the creation of municipally owned bus companies. Instead it’s “business as usual” for the privateers running the bus services, and extra penalties for car drivers trying to find somewhere to park in the city centres.

“And let’s not forget our Scottish Islanders, who rely on the ferries to take them to work. The Bill makes no mention of scrapping the tendering process for CalMac and Northern Ferries – wasting more public money that would be better used subsidising the buses for people on low incomes.

“All in all we give the bill, at best, 4 out of 10!”


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