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Travel Centre Referendum

18 April 2011

Results of the referendum regarding the proposed cuts within East Coast Travel Centres.

Do you support the stance taken by you Company Council Representatives?

Yes - 93%

No - 7%

I wish to be balloted to take industrial action in pursuit of an improved offer from East Coast

Yes - 83%

No - 17%

Management will be informed of the result; in the meantime we are commencing the formal procedure to ballot our members on industrial action. This is not a decision that’s been taken lightly, but it is clear your management are not willing or able to listen to the rational behind our opposition to the cuts.

Should those cuts take place it will be

- Welcome to longer queue’s in travel centres, with the staff once again suffering the backlash from the long-suffering customer.
- Welcome to a service, where the number of staff at all stations is cut on the basis when there is a problem management are there to help out
- Welcome to an increase in unsociable hours worked and lone working ,with little or no concern for staff safety
- Welcome to an increase in rest day and overtime working, where the current costs of over £400,000, will pale into insignificance; and
- Welcome to a regime where when the pressure becomes too much the change manager will be there to help you leave the business as they police the sick levels

The management have been informed that in our opinion they have not dealt with our concerns in a meaningful manner. The consultation process was flawed from the outset, with East Coast only interested in their final position regardless of if it will work or how it was achieved.

It was clear that they were more concerned in dealing with management failings in other areas, which resulted in some managers having to leave the business, than the members of staff who have constantly bailed the business out when anything goes wrong, which as we all know, is a regular occurrence.

Both RMT and TSSA are committed to supporting our members against a management who appear to be more concerned at cutting jobs than sorting out the many problems the franchise is facing. Where they believe outsourcing and downsizing parts of the business will resolve problems. Problems, which in the main, lay at the managements door no doubt with one eye on a nice bonus pot.

We have agreed to meet with senior management in a dispute resolution meeting. This will take place within the next few weeks, but we are already witnessing the need for the goodwill of travel centre staff to get them out of a number of difficulties. Our members have made it clear to the Company Council that goodwill is running out.

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