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Travel Centres disrupted by walkouts

9 May 2014

Agency staff were drafted in today at London travel centres to beat a strike by Tfl staff in protest at a pay freeze and cuts to pensions, the TSSA rail union said.

Despite the hiring of extra staff, two busy offices were closed this morning at Piccadilly Circus and Liverpool Street as well as TfL's lost property office in Baker Street as 1500 staff staged the first in a series of 24-hour stoppages.
Other centres, at Kings Cross and Euston, remained open but with reduced opening hours
The strike, by members of TSSA, RMT and Unite, is due to be repeated next month unless peace talks begin in the dispute involving junior managers, technicians and supervisors.
Manuel Cortes, leader of the TSSA rail union, said: "It is just crazy for Boris Johnson to hire extra staff to beat a strike by his own full time staff at TfL. It would make much more sense to use that money to sit down and reach an agreement with them which means they do not have to suffer a cut in their standard of living."

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