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Travel Centres face disruption in TfL pensions row

6 May 2014

Rail passengers at mainline stations in London face disruption on Friday when travel centres are expected to be closed by a 24-hour strike in a row over pay and pensions at TfL.

The walkout by 1500 staff will also affect other services like spot checks at stations on illegal taxi touts. It is the first in a series of one day strikes over a proposed pay freeze and a cut to final salary pensions for the staff who are mainly based at TfL headquarters in Westminster.

As well closing the travel centres, heavily used by visitors and tourists, the walkout will also close the call centres telephone service to customers.

It will begin at 7.00am on Friday at the start of the morning rush-hour. The staff, who also began a work-to-rule today, belong to three rail unions, TSSA, RMT and Unite.

Manuel Cortes, TSSA leader , accused the Mayor of provoking the walkouts by making staff carry the can for cuts imposed by central government.

"Needless to say the suggested pay freeze and cuts to final salary pensions do not apply to senior managers at TfL like Commissioner Sir Peter Hendy who last year took home over £650,000.

"It is junior managers and supervisors doing vital work to keep London moving that are facing this cut in their living standards. Clearly, we are not all in this together, as the Mayor keeps saying."

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