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Treasurer Election 2011: Details

29 March 2011

Personal Statements and Biographical details of candidates

Charlie Daniels

Charlie Daniels

Personal Statement

As TSSA National Co-ordinator in Network Rail, I negotiate for members nationally to defend jobs, pensions, pay and conditions.

As TSSA Treasurer, I will use my longstanding industrial and trade union experience to organise and recruit more members to ensure that TSSA grows as a stronger and more financially stable and effective union.

The bureaucracy of our union is a constant frustration. 26 years representing TSSA members has taught me how to organise and lead workers and representatives in the workplace, around the negotiating table, at the National Reps Training seminar and into a new and active branch.

I will also ensure TSSA

- Campaign’s and Organises to protect your jobs, pensions, pay and conditions
- Organises members in the UK and Ireland to resist the cuts and privatisation coming their way
- Supports greater member involvement through campaign initiatives such as the TOC campaign
- Improve communication with all members


Age: 53

Employer: Network Rail

Branch: Network Rail Anglia North

TSSA member since 1974 a total 36 years

Representing TSSA members for 26 years

Labour Party member

Branch Activity

- Established Network Rail Anglia North 507 branch at Norwich
- Chair of 507 branch
- Financial Secretary
- Auditor
- Divisional Council Delegate
- Branch Organiser Anglia and London North Divisional Council Weekend School

Wider trade union activity

- Trades Council Delegate
- Committee member for steering group NCAC Norfolk Coalition Against Cuts
- Trades Council delegate to the South East Region Trade Union Congress (SERTUC)
- Branch delegate to various demonstrations

Past TSSA Rep positions held

- 1984-1986 Local LDC A Staff Rep
- 1986-1991 Chairman LDC A
- 1991-1995 Staff side Chairman for TSSA under Regional Railways Central Infrastructure Maintenance Co, in the lead up to privatisation from British Rail.
- 1995-2001 Staff Side Pay and Benefits Rep for G.T.R.M, Responsible for all Pay Negotiating and Terms and Conditions meetings, after privatisation.
- 2001-2004 Area Council Rep Balfour Beatty GE.
- 2001-2004 Staff Side Trustee for Balfour Beatty Pension Committee
- 2004-present Area Council Rep for Network Rail Anglia
- 2008-present National Co-ordinator bands 5-8 for Network Rail

Current positions held and representing TSSA members

- National TSSA Co-ordinator for Network Rail bands 5-8, responsible for negotiating on all National issues.
- Area Council Rep Anglia Network Rail bands 5-8
- TSSA National Pension Rep for Network Rail
- Representing TSSA members at Disciplinary, Grievances, MFA, Poor Performance, Harassment and Family Friendly cases.
- Recruitment of members, which has increased branch 507 membership from 98 to 164

Union Qualifications

- 1989 TUC Industrial relations reps course Level 1
- 1991 TUC Industrial relations reps course Level 2
- 1995 TUC Health and Safety reps course Level 1
- 2001 TUC Health and Safety reps course Level 2
- 2005 Harassment Course NCON (National Open College Network) Level 2 (NVQ2)
- 2006 Trade Union Representatives NOCN Level 2
- 2007 TSSA, Intro to Organising NOCN Level 2
- 2007 TSSA, Pension Champion NOCN Level 2
- 2007 Planning, Organising, Campaigning for Trade Union Representatives, NOCN Level 3 (NVQ3)
- 2008 Union Learning Representative NCON Level 2
- 2008 TSSA, Dealing With Members Issues NOCN level 2
- 2008 Media Training, NOCN Level 3
- 2008 Evaluator in Hay Job Evaluation used by Network Rail for grading of jobs
- 2008 TSSA Public Speaking NCON Level 2
- 2009 TSSA, Branch Officers course, NOCN Level 2
- 2009 TSSA, Lay Tutor training, NOCN Level 2
- 2010 Trade Unions Today NCON Level 2
- 2011 TUC Lay Leadership Development Programme NOCN Level 4

Mitch Tovey

Mitch Tovey

Election Statement

These elections for TSSA’s president and treasurer (the two senior positions on the executive committee) come as TSSA members face huge challenges. Competence and experience will be crucial; that’s why I seek your votes, for myself for treasurer and Harriet Yeo for president.

As a member of TSSA’s executive committee and an experienced staff rep in Virgin Trains I have played a leading role in defending the interests of our membership. Having worked in finance I have the skills to ensure that the union’s finances are properly managed.

UK and Ireland governments seek to make working people pay for a crisis caused by reckless bankers, and I believe that TSSA must prioritise the defence of members’ pay and jobs, and oppose deep and damaging cuts in public services and public transport.

To be effective in doing so, we must remain a specialist railway and transport union, not merged into a mega-union.


Union positions held currently:

- TSSA Executive Committee member for London North West Division
- TSSA Audit Committee member
- TSSA Campaigns Committee
- Correspondence Secretary, TSSA Euston Branch
- Local Staff Rep, Virgin Trains, London Euston

Union positions held previously

- Chair of Virgin Trains Stations Company Council
- TSSA rep on Virgin Trains Executive Council (Pay and Benefits Forum)
- TSSA delegate to TUC Congress (7 times)
- TSSA Scrutineer
- TSSA Branch delegate to London North West, Midlands North London Divisional Councils
- Delegate to TSSA Annual Conference on many occasions

Other relevant information

I joined British Rail and TSSA in 1992, working in the telephone enquiry bureau. Later that year, I moved to the finance department. Whilst working there, I was transferred to Virgin West Coast at privatisation, and was then relocated to Birmingham. In 2007, I was appointed to a post in the Booking Office at London Euston having been displaced following a reorganisation of finance.

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