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TSSA 2010 Annual Conference: Item 57 - Anti Trade Union Laws

8 December 2010

Set out below are the terms of the above resolution carried at this year’s Annual Conference:

"That this Conference recognises that the present anti trade union laws in this country are designed to hamper trade unions from taking effective industrial and political actions to defend their members in specific and society in general.
The laws are costly on unions, they prevent a speedy reaction to events and they place undue importance on lawyers and courts.

Conference recognises that over many years of a Labour government, nothing has been done to place industrial relations on a level playing field, so scared was Labour of being accused by the Daily Mail and its ilk of being “in hock” to the unions. The Labour government was so terrified of being seen as “soft” on the unions that it allowed these unjust laws to remain in force. This Association, now that it participates in balloting for industrial action, has suffered from these laws directly.

Conference notes the abysmal way its members in Virgin Trains were denied the right to strike when lawyers trawled the fine print and threatened an injunction against them.

Conference instructs the EC to continue to support the Association’s members when they demand a ballot for industrial action. Most of all, the Association must continue to oppose these unjust laws and encourage Branches to affiliate to the United Campaign to Repeal the Anti Trade Union Laws."

It will be seen therefore that Branches are encouraged to affiliate to the United Campaign to Repeal Anti Trade Union Laws. I am attaching for your information a copy of that organisation’s latest newsletter. It should be noted that affiliation fees for Branches with 500 members or more is £75 per annum and I can confirm that the Association’s Executive Committee has given permission for this in accordance with Rule 57.

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