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TSSA accuses Virgin West Coast of Dirty Tricks

13 December 2017

Rail union TSSA is accusing Virgin West Coast of using dirty tricks in their increasingly desperate attempts to stop rail strikes from going ahead in the run-up to Christmas.

Virgin sent a letter to staff yesterday stating that the company believed TSSA's ballot was unlawful, with the clear aim of trying to confuse TSSA members by suggesting that if they take strike action, they will individually be acting unlawfully.

This is not true and TSSA is asking all members at Virgin West Coast to ignore the company’s scare tactics and hold firm.

General Secretary Manuel Cortes said,

"Virgin should be ashamed of themselves for deploying such scare tactics and attempting to bully and mislead their own workforce. If Virgin genuinely believe that TSSA is acting unlawfully, they know what they need to do to stop the strike - go to the High Court, and try to convince a judge to give them an injunction.

"They have had weeks to do this so - the fact that they haven't clearly means even their own highly paid lawyers have no confidence that a judge will be persuaded to do so. That's because there has been no illegality with the ballot procedures!

"If Virgin want to keep trains running between London and Glasgow this Friday the quickest way now is for Richard Branson to order the company to pick up the phone to me with a fair pay deal offer for our members in Virgin West Coast and we can suspend the strike forthwith.”

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