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TSSA accuses new Network Rail boss of crony capitalism and says he should "clean up or be cleared out"

22 May 2018

TSSA is calling on Theresa May to intervene in the rail business again this week to overturn the new appointment of Andrew Haines as Chief Executive of Network Rail.

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes says revelations yesterday (Mon) that Haines is still a non-executive director of Eversholt Rail, a private company which leases old rolling stock to train operating companies for profit is an obvious conflict of interest.

Said Cortes, “Haines should have known better than to accept the highest paid public post in our land without first foregoing his private business interest in the rail industry. It’s bad enough that he has ignored his clash of interest. But it is a moral outrage that Eversholt's parent company is based offshore in the Cayman Islands.

“HIs appointment shows that a lazy culture of crony capitalism is alive, well placed and flourishing because making companies that make profits here, pay taxes here is just not - and never will be - any sort of Tory priority.

"Coming in the very same week the Grenfell Tower Inquiry opens, this news is another sad reminder to the British public there is one rule for the rich elite and another for working class people who are sick - to death in the case of the poor Grenfell victims - of putting up with an establishment rigged against them.

“Haines must today (Tues) renounce his private rail interests which are milking money from the public bits of our rail network into his own personal finance initiative.

"If he doesn't ditch his backing for what some might say are tax evasion schemes, he will show he's just another unscrupulous member of the rail robber baron club and should be booted from his job before being paid a penny out of the public purse.

"Right now, Haines' appointment looks like a shot in the arm for crony capitalism. Theresa May should step in again this week to overrule yet another bad decision made by her Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling and tell Haines to clean up or clear out”

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