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TSSA appoint first-ever rail union female assistant general secretary

6 November 2012

The staffing structure of the Association is currently undergoing reorganisation to be better able to support members. The process will create a single management team that will oversee both industrial and strategic issues.

Lorraine Ward

Previous heads of department roles have been abolished and replaced with four equal assistant general secretary positions, including Lorraine Ward, who becomes the first woman to hold such a senior position within the employed staff of any of the rail unions. As AGS1 Lorraine has responsibility for Scotland, Ireland and the Helpdesk, AGS2 Steve Coe handles the North of England, the Midlands, Wales and the South West, AGS3 John Page looks after London, the South East, Network Rail and Community Organising, whilst AGS4 Frank Ward oversees policy, legal, finance and membership functions.

Further changes are being consulted upon for the lower tiers of the Association’s staff structure, but with certain posts being closed, the existing changes are expected to save TSSA something in the region of £100,000 a year.

General secretary Manuel Cortes told the Journal, ‘These changes will speed up the process of moving TSSA closer towards becoming the organising union we need to be, with members at the heart of every decision. A key part of the AGS’ jobs will be to build links in their areas, both internally with members as well as reaching out to wider union, political and community circles.’


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