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TSSA asks London Mayor Sadiq to organise a Security Summit with all stakeholders

15 September 2017

Following this morning's (Friday) explosion on the District Line at Parson's Green, TSSA Leader Manuel Cortes said:

"Our thoughts are with all those caught up in the explosion on the Tube this morning. I offer my thanks to our emergency service workers who as ever are the best of us. I would also like to praise Tube staff, many of whom are TSSA members. Working in conjunction with our emergency services, they did a great job this morning in helping to evacuate passengers who understandably, were very panicked.

"Those who carry out these types of barbaric, indiscriminate, attacks are beneath our contempt. Their aim is to kill and maim as many people as possible but we never bow to these cowards. And they won't stop Londoners or London from being the diverse, brilliant, vibrant city we all love. 

"However, our union has long been concerned that we are not doing all we can to maximise safety on our Tube and on London's public transport network. That's why I have asked London Mayor Sadiq Khan to call a London Transport Security Summit over the coming week".

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