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TSSA asks SNP to give back dodgy donations

20 April 2016

TSSA's emergency motion at Scottish TUC calls for SNP to strip Stagecoach Group of public contracts & return £1m donations.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP are under increasing pressure tonight (Wednesday 20 April 2016) to distance themselves from one of their party's largest donors, Sir Brian Souter.

Scottish TUC this afternoon passed an emergency TSSA motion calling on the the First Minister to withdraw public contracts from companies found guilty of evading tax in Scotland.

Transport group Stagecoach were recently found guilty by an Edinburgh tax court of practices to avoid the payment of £11million in corporation tax in 2011.

Scottish TUC will now campaign to strip Souter of his knighthood after his company was found guilty of tax avoiding practices under his chairmanship,

Scottish TUC wants the SNP government to stop the cull of 2,000 Scottish HM Revenues & Customs jobs which, if they go ahead, will devastate HMRC's ability to collect taxes, make investigations an so hinder future prosecutions of the sort that brought Stagecoach Group to the dock.

Congress also wants Ms Sturgeon and her deputy, Stewart Hosie, to match their public rhetoric against tax avoiders with real political action and sever all SNP links with Souter and return the £1million donation he gifted the party in separate installments of £500,00 in 2007 and 2011.

Said TSSA General Secretary, "Nicola Sturgeon has said that "a while political establishment" had negligently allowed tax avoidance to become routine but unless her government now take action against those found guilty of corporate tax evasion of the sort we've seen at Stagecoach Group, then is she too not guilty of negligence?"

"We are talking £11m deliberately hidden in just one year - this isn't a tax dodge this is tax desertion on an industrial scale and we should not let it go by unnoticed or unpunished. Let's face it, tax avoidance is not the act of patriots. It is treacherous and unless the SNP cut ties with Souter and Stagecoach, they can no longer lay claim claim to any patriotic moral high ground.

"Unless we now keep our trained HMRC staff we know its the corporate tax deserters who will be laughing all the way to Panama whilst Scottish kids get crumbling schools.

"Nicola now has a clear choice. Either she picks up the STUC's moral compass and follows the direction laid out in Dundee today, or she willingly chooses the path of economic moral bankruptcy which favours Scottish tax evaders over ordinary Scottish tax payers and their kids.

"Come on Nicola don't be in it with Cameron and Osborne south of the border or Scottish tax traitors like Souter. Be in it to do the proper patriotic thing by all the people of Scotland.

"Find your backbone and take a moral stand against Souter & Stagecoach Let's return his money, strip him of his knighthood, keep our tax collectors, withdraw government transport contracts with Stagecoach Group and never again speak about "tax inefficiencies" which after the Panama Papers we all we all know means only one thing tax avoidance."  

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