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TSSA backs Corbyn plan for rail

18 August 2015

TSSA leader Manuel Cortes today welcomed Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn's plans to renationalise the railways.

Speaking after the campaign launch at King's Cross in London, the union leader said, "The public have been crying out for this bold policy for the past 20 years. Every opinion poll shows that they are overwhelmingly in favour of a publicly funded and publicly run railway. They see the benefits wherever they travel in Europe, cheaper fares and a more efficient service.

"They a fed up with being ripped off by the private rail firms who have increased fares on the most popular routes by over 200% since 1995."

He welcomed Mr Corbyn's plans for a Railways Act in 2020 which would bring the private franchises back into public ownership on a line by line basis as they expire, the removal of the privately run leasing firms ROSCOs and a greater public accountability for the overall running of the industry.

This would give greater voice to both the workforce and local as well national politicians on the industry's future direction.

"If you want a People's Railway, you need to listen to the people in the industry who really know what is going on," he added.

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