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TSSA backs East Coast fares freeze

16 December 2013

The TSSA today welcomed the fares freeze from East Coast trains-and challenged the rest of the industry to follow suit.

The only puclicly owned franchise said it would freeze over half of all fares to London when the rest of the industry increases fares by an average 3.1% on January 2.
Manuel Cortes, union general secretary, said: "This is good news for passengers on the East Coast line after eight years of national inflation-plus fare increases.
"This should now be the bench mark for the rest of the privately run franchises. If East Coast can do it, then so can Virgin's Sir Richard Branson and the other firms who have made massive profits down the years from passengers.
"We would like to see all fares frozen because they have more than doubled since privatisation 20 years ago."

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