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TSSA Backs Fully Accessible Railway Stations Call

18 December 2019

TSSA is backing the call made by disability charity Leonard Cheshire for Boris Johnson to prioritise the acceleration of Access for All, as new analysis reveals that the target to make Britain's railway stations fully accessible by 2030 is set to be missed by 40 years.

The research shows that out of 2,579 stations in Britain, around 980 are not step-free. Work to make stations step free is being completed at a rate of 19 stations per year, which means it will be 2070 until all stations are accessible.

Manuel Cortes, TSSA General Secretary, said: “It is appalling that in the 21st century disabled travellers are still excluded from so many train stations.

“Having step-free access at a train station can make the difference between a disabled person being able to take a new job, visit friends or afford to buy or rent somewhere suitable to live. It beggars belief that this has not been tackled sooner.

“It’s vital that investment in our stations and staffing levels meets the needs of travelling public so that rail travel can be an opportunity for all, including those with disabilities.”

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