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TSSA backs Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader and Angela Eagle for deputy

30 July 2015

TSSA the transport and travel union has nominated Jeremy Corbyn for Labour Party leader and Angela Eagle for deputy.

TSSA leader Manuel Cortes said, "We are delighted that our union is backing Jeremy for Labour Party leader and Angela as Deputy. People are fed of machine politicians who never give an answer. Jeremy is straight talking and puts forward sensible policies which resonate with ordinary people.

"Jeremy is clearly articulating why we must end the austerity quagmire and that Labour's economic policies must move on from failed neoliberalism. He and Angela also support bringing our railways back into public ownership. That is why I will be strongly urging our members to vote for Jeremy for leader and Angela for deputy".

The union will also be asking its members to give their second preference votes to Andy Burnham for leader and  Tom Watson for deputy.

Members should sign up now through the free registration process to ensure they can vote in the election:


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