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TSSA brings LU to the table for Service Control talks

22 February 2016

TSSA Leader announces negotiations about proposals for Service Control will take place on Wednesday

London Underground have finally agreed to meet TSSA for talks abut the changes they want to impose to make Service Controllers take responsibility for the safety of track maintenance staff.
Talks will now begin in central London on Wednesday. LU management were forced to the table following an ultimatum from TSSA leader Manuel Cortes telling them to meet union reps within 7 days or face industrial action from 140 Service Controllers.
Commenting on getting LU to talks, TSSA leader Manuel Cortes said, 'Sadly, after being guilty of breaking agreed procedures and spending 4 months of ignoring TSSA to requests discuss the changes they want to impose on Service Controllers, it has taken the threat of a strike to get London Underground back round the negotiating table
"But we always welcome a repentant sinner and very much hope that they are now in listening mode. However, until we hear what they have to tell us, we will continue our preparations for industrial action.
"I very much hope that a strike will not become necessary but as the saying goes, it takes two to tango. Unless, LU are now genuine about their willingness to resolve this through negotiations, a strike will sadly become inevitable."

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