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TSSA call off Strike in ScotRail CCTV

7 June 2018

TSSA has (today) called off the planned strike action in ScotRail’s CCTV department after last minute talks led to a breakthrough in the ongoing dispute over imposing night shifts on workers.

Manuel Cortes, leader of the TSSA, said “We are still in dispute with ScotRail. They cut too many staff last year and did away with the grade that covered the night shift. Then when they realised their mistake they expected out members to pick up the pieces.

“No-one should have to choose between keeping their jobs and the safety of their loved ones but that’s exactly what ScotRail wanted from our staff. People who took a job which allowed them to meet caring responsibilities at night were suddenly expected to cover a night shift. This kind of attitude belongs in the dark ages – we should be supporting women and men with caring responsibilities to stay in work! It’s indicative of the culture in ScotRail that no-one at senior management thought about what would happen if working parents were told they had to do a nightshift.

“However, we are mindful of the risks to passengers if the CCTV department is not staffed properly. No-one wants a Monday morning commute to end in tragedy because a suspect package was missed. TSSA members keep the public safe every single day and we feel it right to suspend the strike action.

“I’m delighted to see that ScotRail have made some more concessions to us and feel that we are nearly at the end of what has been a very long journey. But we’re not there yet, and we will be keeping open the option of industrial action in the future until we are certain that we have the right solution for every working parent and carer.”

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